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The Athens Digital Lab of City of Athens is the first municipal, tech innovation hub that supports tech ideas that are turned into advanced IoT solutions in Greece. The development and maturation of these applications are required to address the real needs of Athens; a tailored answer to the modern challenges of the city that upgrade the quality of life of Athenians and visitors, enhancing its’ digital transformation.

For the first time, a “smart city” innovation lab of a municipality is focused on the needs of the city, uses new technologies and motivates young people to innovate for the together with their city. A unique opportunity is given to young entrepreneurs; to experiment and create, giving a new impetus to the city.

ADL is a pioneering venture, at the heart of the Greek startup ecosystem that introduces and infuses innovation into Municipality’s structures, supports youth entrepreneurship and creates the conditions that lead to the development of policy-making tools that bring economic prosperity and growth. ADL enhances the relationship between the city, the private sector & the startup ecosystem, allowing a new model of urban governance and civic participation to flourish in Athens. Its’ approach of experimentation and strategy has brought a real change on how we re-think the future of urban planning.

Every year, there is an Open Call that focuses on different themes aligned with the municipality’s’ strategic plan and invites young entrepreneurs / startups, university students/graduates and research teams to submit their innovative ideas.

After the required assessment, the incubated teams work together with the Municipality’s executives, executives of COSMOTE and Nokia’s innovation divisions and other bodies of the Greek and EU startup ecosystem, developing sustainable tech solutions.

Check out the open call with deadline the 13th September 2020 here


Athens Digital Lab of the City of Athens is looking once again for digital ideas that will transform Athens! ADL team invites young entrepreneurs and startups, researchers and students/graduates, as well as those who have been occupied with technology and innovation, to submit their proposals which will be turned into advanced Internet of Things solutions, for a wise and smart city.

 The proposals are requested to cover these themes:

  • Tourism / Culture
  • Resilience / Crisis prevention & management (covid-19)
  • Public space management
  • “Smart” Education
  • Impact Investment Monitor
  • “Open” theme

Reasons to join:

The teams that will be selected – up to ten, they will have the opportunity to work for a year in a specially designed and fully equipped lab, available by the municipality of Athens, having at their disposal all the technical and financial resources.

Additionally, ADL will provide to the teams:

  1. Pilot applications in the real field in different locations around the city Cover the necessary technological equipment (hardware and software) for the implementation of the concept
  2. Technical support and guidance from officials of the municipality of Athens, COSMOTE and Nokia
  3. Access to a specialised ΙοΤ platform
  4. Advanced network infrastructures

During implementation, the teams would be able to perform field trials, and will have access to the data of the Municipality for the maturation of the solutions, which will be implemented in the municipality of Athens for two years and at the same time have access to international sales channels, with the support of the COSMOTE and Nokia.

Submissions accepted by Sunday, September 13th.

ADL is located at the Innovation, Culture and Sports Centre – Serafio of the City of Athens, housing tech startups, a fully equipped MakersSpace and other innovative initiatives of the City of Athens related to social entrepreneurship, education and tourism.

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