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This is Athens – City Festival 2024: The 3rd annual festival from the City of Athens delivers more than 250 events

This is Athens – City Festival 2024: The 3rd annual festival from the City of Athens delivers more than 250 events

Athens welcomes the 3rd This is Athens – City Festival, the great celebration of the City of Athens, which this year is expanding to every neighborhood.

Beginning with the annual picnic in the Park at Plato's Academy on May 1, the festival includes more than 250 events and activities until June 2.

The map of the 2024 This is Athens – City Festival embraces many of the most recognizable locations in Athens as well as some of the less-explored parks and squares of the city, delivering springtime vibes to all seven districts of the City of Athens.

The dynamic program was designed to encourage Athenians and visitors to explore Athens beyond the Acropolis, get to know public spaces and cultural events with their family and friends, and experience the beauty of the city before the start of summer.

The program includes concerts and street parties, guided walking tours, sporting events for all ages, experiences with food and wine, activities organized by museums and cultural venues, as well as events inspired by the Easter holiday.

The CEO of the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency of the City of Athens (ADDMA), Ioannis Georgizas, said: “This is Athens – City Festival 2024 is the result of ADDMA's close and innovative collaboration with official bodies, organizations, and some of the most significant cultural and creative groups of the city. Athens will be on the minds of residents and visitors, and we look forward to welcoming everyone to our fantastic urban spaces and high-quality events.”


Highlights from the 2024 This is Athens – City Festival

  • May 1: Athens Urban Picnic in the Park at Plato’s Academy.

The start of the This is Athens - City Festival on the green grass with live music and DJ sets from the producers of HiT 88.9, En Lefko 87.7 and RED 96.3. Activities for all ages with educational workshops, a kite show, musical performances and screenings.

  • May 12: Family & the City at the Kypseli Public Agora

In celebration of Mother's Day, an all-day celebration with creative activities and games for children and their parents.

  • May 12: Street Outdoors Party at Koumoundourou Square

One of the most beautiful squares in Athens will be transformed into a unique outdoor club by the Street Outdoors team.


  • May 16: Fairytales in Drakopoulou Square (Patisia)

Fairytales for children from 6 to... 106 years old. Georgia Haikali, Marina Dakanali and Ioanna Riga say goodbye to spring with stories from all over the world.

  • May 17: Piano City Festival in Amerikis Square

With more than 100 piano concerts, this year’s festival features acclaimed artists, rising stars, and piano students at unique locations throughout the city.

  • May 17: Spinning Sessions at the Kypseli Public Agora

The Agora is transformed into a spinning club with lights and DJs to motivate and inspire a day of intense exercise, well-being and positive energy.

  • May 18: Flare the Square Skateboarding Contest at Kotzia Square

A high-level skateboarding tournament with professional and amateur athletes. The square opposite the Athens City Hall will be transformed into a skate park with concerts, DJs, street food, and fun for everyone.


  • May 19: Fashions of the Dora Stratou Theater on the Runway in Plaka

The pedestrian street of Lysiou in Plaka, home to the traditional costumes in the unique collection of the Dora Stratou Theatre, finally becomes a fashion destination.

  • May 19: The Panagyri of Athens in the Park at Plato’s Academy

The complete experience of a traditional Panagyri festival, with folk musicians and songs from every corner of Greece, as well as community dancing.

  • May 20: Puppet show at the Open Municipal Theater of Kolonos

Puppet theater with snapshots from the daily life of a hospital ward. Patients come and go, their stories pass one by one, and the "on duty" sign stays switched on.


  • May 23: Cantada in the streets of Plaka

The modern troubadours, the Karaviotis Brothers, bring a traditional Cantada from the Ionian Islands to Athens and the streets of Plaka, followed by a concert at the Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments.

  • May 24: A walk with Agia Fanfara from Attica Square to Agios Panteleimon

With their vivid humor and enthusiasm, the multi-member orchestra of brass and percussion instruments bring a festive mood with traditional tunes and contemporary songs from Greece, the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean.

  • May 28: Live concert of traditional songs in Mitropoleos Square

A live performance with Savina Giannatou, Fotis Siotas, Nefeli Fasouli and the Yasemi vocal quartet performing traditional songs from all over the world, as well as favorites from the modern Greek repertoire.

  • May 29: Food & Wine with a tour of the National Gallery

An exclusive tour of the museum that ends with an excellent menu paired with incredible wine.

  • May 31: Victoria Square Party

A street party by Reverb, the promoters of alternative culture who know how to deliver a great event.


  • June 1: Attiko Alsos Sunset Street Party at Tourkovounia

A unique party from the group "11 Athens" on an unknown urban balcony near Galatsi that will make us dance along with the Attic sunset.

  • June 2: Athens All Star Party on top of Mount Lycabettus

The biggest promoters of Athens join forces to create one of the top moments of the This is Athens – City Festival 2024, turning the most impressive urban balcony into an incredible dance floor.

See the festival’s program in English here.

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