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Squares in Athens come in all shapes and sizes and are an intricate part of city life.

Spots where the locals look for shade or enjoy their traditional and long coffee breaks, squares in Athens are making a comeback.

Monastiraki Square

Hadrian’s Roman Library, a church and a mosque, a neoclassical metro station, and modern buildings surround the pebbled square, a testament to the city’s long history. Vendors, visitors and locals rushing about, grabbing a souvlaki, shopping for souvenirs in the shade of the Acropolis makes this a special place to start your stroll.

Agia Irini Square

The square takes its name from the church that was erected there in 1850 where an older Christian temple stood. It used to be home to the flower market of downtown Athens and there is still one flower kiosk to remind the locals of this signature trade. It gets very busy on weekends and at lunchtime because of the many fashionable cafés and restaurants.

Avdi Square

Located in the heart of Metaxourgeio area, it has a chilled vibe despite its vast size. The redesign it underwent 10 years ago, helped establish Avdi  as a much needed open space in this dense area.

Kolonaki Square

Kolonaki means “little column”. Nowadays the square has been redesigned and is a popular meeting point for this high-end spot in town.

Varnava Square

One of the most famous squares in Pangrati, a hangout that was always popular with the locals, it now attracts visitors and residents from across town, who come to enjoy the vivid atmosphere in the many cafés and bars that have sprung up.

Kotzia Square

Kotzia Square faces the City Hall building and apart from its neoclassical mansions and contemporary buildings,  it also features a section of the Acharnic Gate of the Themistoclean walls that has been uncovered and is exhibited in the northeastern side.

Korai and Klafthmonos Square

Korai and Klafthmonos Squares near the Panepistimio metro station give you a good idea of the eclectic mix of buildings and architecture that have shaped contemporary Athens. From neoclassical mansions to post-war modern rises and contemporary addons, the squares are a reminder of the modern design layers of the last 200 years.

Exarchia Square

Exarchia Square is the central square of this grungy neighbourhood with which it shares its name. Surrounded by cafés and small, trendy bars and two open-air cinemas, it offers an alternative type of entertainment

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