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Within the framework of Athens’ strategic development and promotion as a destination in the international market, the City of Athens collaborates, through the Athens Development and Destination Management (ADDMA), with leading companies in the private sector, supporting the local economy and creating various new jobs in the city. In November 2018, the establishment of This is Athens & Partners, an unprecedented -for the Greek reality- partnership between the public and private sector, provided the basis of a dynamic alliance towards the development of a visitors’ economy.

The ambitious project was initiated in 2015 by the City of Athens in collaboration with AEGEAN Airlines and the Athens International Airport. Later on, this unique alliance attracted other major stakeholders including SETE, Lampsa SA, Lamda Development and Ionian Hotel Enterprises, revealing both the potential and the need for further collaborations.

The partnership focuses on three main pillars:

- Destination Development: Ιnvestments and activities aiming at upgrading the public space with the active participation of residents and professionals of the city.

- Destination Management: Coordination of actions in support of a unified visitor experience.

- Destination Marketing: Global promotion of Athens’ distinct identity. We have already prepared a special campaign to maintain and empower Αthens’ image in its target markets.

  • Cooperation with the World Tourism Organization for transferring know-how and best practices in the field of destination management. Our cooperation with UNWTO ensures Athens’ strong presence in the world tourism industry map, international destination rankings and worldwide networking.
  • Collaboration with the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) that includes upgraded networking services with field representatives through the Association Relations Partner (ARP) scheme, in order to empower the city’s conference activity
  • Cooperation with the Meetings Professionals International (MPI) association concerning the promotion of Athens as an ideal destination for hosting industry meetings, events, and training seminars. In the context of our cooperation, a fam-trip is organized for leading market professionals.
  • Collaboration with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) aspiring at promoting Athens as a sustainable destination. As part of our cooperation, the city will provide know-how seminars and certification opportunities to local companies, enhancing the competitiveness of tourism businesses and the effort of the City of Athens to transform the city into a sustainable destination.
  • Cooperation with City Destinations Alliance, aiming at exchanging know-how and destination management practices.
  • A strategic alliance with IGLTA, so as to enhance Athens' competitiveness in the LGBTQI+ international market and attract visitors.

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