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Why Athens

Why Athens

Athens is a global cultural capital that everyday proves its resilience and love for life. Athens has a big personality and many stories to tell. The city is bustling with creativity and intellectual exchange. You could say the city has the strength of two classical gods: Athena’s wisdom represented by the life-giving olive tree, and its 70km seashore where Poseidon is in command of the sea. Imagine your evenings dining on fresh food with family and friends, and days at the secret beaches of the Athens Riviera just 40 minutes from the Acropolis.

Athens is building on the city’s forward-thinking heritage to promote innovation and debate. Today, we’re searching for solutions to local and global challenges, and we’ve begun a journey toward sustainability. We’re investing in new green spaces and community initiatives in all of the city’s 129 neighborhoods. Athens has a legacy that belongs to all of us, and today we want to keep moving forward. Imagine: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and You. 

Athens has evolved into a city that attracts people who want to create, invent, and explore. Residents and visitors have much in common – we’re all learning from the city, and supporting neighborhoods to improve quality of life. Athens is a place where we reconnect with each other and our shared history, where even visitors can be part of the change. Our unique history and heritage juxtaposed with a contemporary vibe makes Athens an exciting destination or place to live.

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