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The SCENE project combines cutting-edge technology with a commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. From AI-based audience scouting, distribution mechanisms, and blockchain for IPR protection to 3D representations of monuments, the project is revolutionizing the industry while respecting the values of the European Bauhaus. The project will aim to advance key scientific areas and explore new business models, all while supporting fair working conditions and the needs of its stakeholders.

SCENE focuses on two pillars:

Semantically cognitive AI: SCENE will develop a scalable and flexible framework, streamlining the entire film production process from pre-production to distribution. Through a network of interconnected and autonomous cognitive systems.

European Cultural Heritage: SCENE aims to protect, promote, and enhance the economic and societal relevance of European Cultural Heritage, through fully capitalizing this opportunity via the project’s innovative tools.

PROJECT NAME: SCENE – Searchable multi-dimensional Data Lakes supporting Cognitive Film Production & Distribution for the Promotion of the EuropeaN Cultural HeritagE

GRAND AGREEMENT No.: 101095303

PROGRAMME: Horizon Europe


START DATE: 1 February 2023

DURATION: 36 months




Female third country (TCNs) Integration in Local Communities through Employability and Entrepreneurship Local Oriented Strategies

The aim of this 24-month project is to exchange practices at a European level, through a cross-sectoral network, in order to develop local strategies and to facilitate the socio-economic integration of third-country national (TCN) women, through employability and entrepreneurship. In addition, it seeks to provide opportunities for the creation and/or development of local networks (multi-stakeholder networks) following the EU action plan for integration 2021-2027. Through this multi-stakeholder cooperation, mutual understanding, respect and encouragement of the exchange of knowledge, skills and experiences both at national and European level are promoted, as suggested by the Urban Agenda Partnership. ENFEM project is a partnership of 13 European organizations including ADDMA. Athens, as a European capital where a large number of female third-country nationals reside, can be an example of developing local strategies for inclusion through employability and entrepreneurship.

R.O.C.K. (Regeneration & Optimisation of Cultural Heritage in Creative and Knowledge cities)

Aim of the ROCK project is the support in the transformation of historic urban centers into creative and sustainable areas. ADDMA S.A. is contributing to the project given its experience in utilizing cultural heritage towards urban regeneration and sustainable economic growth.
ROCK project is a partnership of 32 organisations under the coordination of the city of Bologna, amongst them are: Municipalities, Universities, private companies, cultural and technological organization and consulting companies. The role of ADDMA S.A. in the project is to provide other European cities knowhow in topics such as public consultation, democratic governance and cultural accessibility.

ICARUS (Integrated Climate forcing and Air pollution Reduction in Urban Systems)

ADDMA S.A. with the support of the Resilience Office of the Municipality of Athens is implementing the European project ICARUS, which aims to design policies on air quality and climate change based on scientific data, include participative processes and set long term goals to support the city.
Aim of the project is to develop innovative tools in order to assess the impact of air pollution in urban centers, in the framework of European governance for air quality and climate change. During the implementation of the project activities such as ground measurements, chemical modeling, as well as measurement of air pollution indicators during the winter and summer season have been completed. Also, the ICARUS methodology and tools are being implemented in nine (9) European cities of different size, socio-economic context and history.

Adopt your city

The “Adopt your city” initiative is addressed to citizens, small and large enterprises, foundations, organizations and anyone who is interested to “adopt” a street, a pathway, a park, a square, a playground, a sport facility, a neighborhood, or even a tree or a bench at the city in order to make the city more luminous, greener and friendlier for citizens and visitors.

How it works

This program is based on the belief that the public space is indeed public,and its reform and sustainable development should be a priority of every healthy and productive group of the city. The City of Athens consists of 7 communities, 38 districts and 129 neighborhoods. Everyone’s support for the protection, upgrade and maintenance of the public spaces is valuable. The program includes projects of every scale in every part of the city. The interested parties can contribute to the work of the municipality with ideas, in-kind offers or donations. Each company of Athens can start with its own street, pathway, neighborhood, its own vital space. The program aims at bringing significant results in areas such as cleaning, lighting, greenery, sustainable development, homeless issues, culture, social welfare, sports, education, new technologies. The partnership between the City of Athens and the
private sector can be extremely valuable.


Systematic cleaning that combats tagging, illegal posters and smudginess with the use of special cover that protects facades and walls from similar activities in the future. This process can make the city look much cleaner and more beautiful.
On March 2020, with the support of the private sector, a total surface of  2000 m2 was cleaned on the roads around Omonia using 260 liters of special paint removal material and 140 liters of anti-graffiti protective coating.
The project is already in progress and is looking for supporters to expand faster and more efficiently to all neighborhoods of Athens.

Adopt Christmas in Athens

In Christmas 2019, the city was decorated with the valuable support of the private sector in order for the Christmas spirit to reach every neighborhood of Athens. Citizens, communities, companies, institutions undertook the decoration of specific areas and contributed to a lighter, more festive and more hospitable Athens. This initiative was supported by Onassis Foundation, Coca-Cola,  Protergia, energy sector of MYTILINEOS, COSMOTE, Papastratos, PPC, AEGEAN, National Bank of Greece, Ethniki Insurance Company, MOTOROIL Group through nrg, Ionian Hotel Enterprises SA, Panathinaikos KI.PO.K.A., Athens Tiare Hotel, Attica Bakeries, Hondos Center, Pireos Real Estate/Picar, Zeus International, ΕΖΑ.

City Interventions

City interventions, small or large scale, include urban equipment upgrade, new infrastructure building or maintenance and restoration of existing ones, cleaning, lighting, plantation, maintenance and sustainable development of public spaces around the city.
This initiative was launched at Anoixeos Square (Gazi) which was cleaned, equipped with new benches and more plants and trees with the support of attp and LeroyMerlin.

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